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Is the Blockchain Industry Sliding into “Trough of Disillusionment”?

Last year, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry entered what many have dubbed “Crypto Winter”. The market capitalization of this asset class fell from $830 billion to sub-$200 billion, layoffs by industry startups were commonplace, and the presence of the words “Bitcoin” and “blockchain” in m..

Is Ethereum (ETH) Hitting Its First “Mainstream Bear Market”?

Is ether (ETH), the gas of the Ethereum network, in a long bearish accumulation zone ahead of a considerable breakout, like the bitcoin price experienced from 2014 to 2017? One cryptoeconomy mainstay seems to think so. Chris Burniske, a partner at cryptocurrency-centric venture capital firm Placeho..

Another Slump For Bitcoin As Bear Market Indicators Loom

Bitcoin’s range bound pumps and dumps have become commonplace over the past six weeks. Another slide a few hours ago should not be cause for alarm then as BTC failed to register further gains. It is now in danger of heading back into four figures for the fifth time. Four Figure Bitcoin in Play … Ag..

Bitcoin Slides Back to Four Figures as Crypto Markets Dump $28 Billion

The big purge has begun as bitcoin revisits four figures for the fourth time in as many months. The slump has resulted in a massive exodus from crypto markets which have shrunk by almost $30 billion in 24 hours. Bitcoin Tumbles to Support BTC has lost over a thousand dollars in the past 24 hours sl..

Crypto Analyst: Buy The Dips, Bear Market Definitely Over

Traders and crypto analysts are constantly looking for signals that the bear market is definitely over and a major trend reversal has occurred. Markets were up an impressive 50 percent in May surging from $175 billion to $265 billion by the end of it. More signals are indicating that a new bull mark..

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