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Bitmain Expands in South America as Its Market Share Drops to 66%

News Bitmain, the world’s largest cryptocurrency mining firm, is expanding its distribution in South America by partnering with two crypto mining consulting firms. The Chinese mining mogul will extend its global exposure with Fastblock, which will be the primary distributor in Brazil, and Bit5ive,..

Government of Abkhazia to Intensify Identification of Crypto Mining Farms

News Abkhazia, an autonomous region in northwest Georgia, is planning to intensify the works on the identification of cryptocurrency mining farms in the region. According to a news release published on the Cabinet of Ministers’ website on Dec. 12, Prime Minister of Abkhazia Valeri Bganba held a me..

From Health Care to Mining, Central Asia Stays on the Blockchain Beat

Crypto Map Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology continues to be a global phenomenon, with adoption and utilization cases emerging in almost every corner of the globe. Digital technology has become so popular that it is now a major talking point not only in the financial sector but also in poli..

Study: China’s BTC Miners Control 66% of Global Hash Rate

News Chinese Bitcoin (BTC) miners are now responsible for controlling as much as 66% of global hash rate, a new report claims. China’s Sichuan province is accounting for over half the global hash rate, according to a study by London-based digital asset manager CoinShares, Reuters reports Dec. 11. ..

Ethereum Ice Age May be Imminent If Miners Withdraw From Network

Analysis The Ethereum block difficulty began to grow back in November 2016. Since then, developers have been constantly forced to carry out hard forks to keep the network up until the transition to a proof-of-stake algorithm takes place. In the lead-up to the Istanbul upgrade, implemented on Dec. ..

Wu Jihan Resurfaces As Bitmain CEO After Co-Founder Is Forced Out

News Bitmain co-founder and tech billionaire Wu Jihan resurfaces at the helm of Beijing-based mining giant Bitmain at a recent meeting with clients. On Dec. 10, Bloomberg reported that Wu Jihan made a public appearance at a private event last Saturday in Chengdu, capital of southwestern China’s Si..

Bitcoin Halving, Explained

An event that halves the rate at which new Bitcoins are created. It occurs once every four years. As many know, Bitcoin’s (BTC) supply is finite. Once 21 million coins are generated, the network will stop producing more. That is one of the main reasons Bitcoin is often referred to as “d..

Death Spirals and BTC — What Happens When Miners Capitulate?

Analysis The stagnation of the cryptocurrency market has put Bitcoin’s (BTC) price at risk of further decline, as it struggles to recover beyond key resistance levels. A descending price increases the probability of the so-called “miner capitulation” occuring, which is said to have triggered the m..

T-Minus 1,000 Blocks Until Ethereum’s Istanbul Hard Fork

News As of press time, Ethereum has passed block #9068000, putting it within 1000 blocks of the scheduled Istanbul hard fork, which should take place at around 23:30 UTC. The much-anticipated shift to Istanbul will be the Ethereum network’s first hard fork since February’s Constantinople. Both are..

Canada-Based Crypto Mining Firm Great North Data Files for Bankruptcy

News Canada-based cryptocurrency mining company Great North Data has submitted a bankruptcy filing, purportedly due to insolvency. As the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported on Dec. 4, Great North Data — which operated crypto mining facilities in Labrador City and Happy Valley-Goose Bay — f..

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