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P2P Bitcoin And Dash Transactions Soar In Venezuela

Venezuela’s inflation rate topped 130,000% in 2018 as peer-to-peer Bitcoin and Dash transactions reached new all-time highs month after month. Bitcoin Thrives in Broken Economies For the past few years, the Venezuelan economy has been rocked by political and economic instability that has led to sh..

Venezuela Bitcoin Trading Hits New Highs Amid US Embargo

U.S. President Donald Trump has just imposed a total economic embargo against Venezuela. As a result, Bitcoin price is currently trading at almost a $1000 premium in VES on P2P trading platform, Localbitcoins, and trading volumes have skyrocketed to record-breaking highs.In Venezuela, Bitcoin Tra..

US Freezes Maduro Gov’t Assets as P2P Bitcoin Volume Soars in Venezuela

News In a major escalation against socialist president Nicolás Maduro, Donald Trump’s administration has frozen all Venezuelan government assets. The United States’ hawkish move has been reflected in a new all-time-high for peer-to-peer trading volume on LocalBitcoins in the country. Trump takes ..

Venezuelan Gov’t Reportedly Dodges US Sanctions With Crypto in Airports

News Venezuela is reportedly choosing to use Bitcoin (BTC), not its own digital currency Petro, to circumvent United States sanctions in airports. According to a report in local news media outlet ABC on July 22, president Nicolas Maduro has authorized the use of an app which collects aeronautical ..

Venezuelan Airports Using Bitcoin to Evade US Sanctions, Local Report

While the Trump administration continues to tighten its economic grip on nations of the world, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has started to push back by using Bitcoin to circumvent US financial restrictions. Airport Taxes Paid in Bitcoin According to reports in local media, Venezuelan presid..

Venezuela Sets New Bitcoin Volume Record Thanks to 10,000,000% Inflation

News Venezuelans traded more bolivars for Bitcoin (BTC) than ever before last week, but the statistics say more about fiat than cryptocurrency. Yet another Bitcoin volumes record for VenezuelaData from Coin Dance, which tracks trading activity on P2P exchanges Localbitcoins, Paxful and Bisq, conf..

Money Laundering Fines Worth Billions Help Bankers Avoid Prosecution and Unpleasant Labels

The recent seizure of a cargo ship owned by JP Morgan, a vessel loaded with 20 tons of cocaine according to latest accounts, highlighted the risks of banks’ involvement in illicit activities, inadvertent or otherwise. And although U.S. authorities released the MSC Gayane after the owner, JP Morgan’s..

Venezuelan Petro Against US Sanctions: History and Use of the Crypto

In depth For the entirety of cryptocurrency’s short history, Venezuela has been seen to be among the most striking example of the need for the utility. The South American country has hosted escalating political tension for years, as skyrocketing hyperinflation, electricity blackouts and shortages ..

Global Crypto War Is Heating up – Iran Next in Line With Its Own...

Control of the U.S. dollar and the global financial system that depends on it gives the American government an incredibly powerful tool in shaping international affairs. As such, it is not surprising that its geopolitical rivals around the world will try to exploit the invention of cryptocurrency to..

Venezuelan Investors File Lawsuit With US Court in Connection With $30M Crypto Fraud

News A group of Venezuelans has filed a lawsuit with a Florida Federal Court in connection with a Ponzi scheme involving $30 million in cryptocurrency promoted by Canadian investment radio host Harold Seigel. Payment and commerce news outlet Pymnts.com reported today, July 16, that seven Venezuela..

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